David Braithwaite gave an incredibly honest and candid presentation entitled International Advice Perspective but it was equal amounts perspective from a different regulatory environment as lessons in business. His presentation was captivating, from project based pricing to the ups and downs of 20+ years in business, so many great ideas and tips. My favourite: A year from now you will have wished you started today.

Sharon McClafferty, Co-Founder & Director at Slipstream Coaching

On behalf of the AFA I would like to express our heartfelt thanks for your support of the AFA Adviser Conference and our ongoing partnership.

David – what can I say? You nailed it! Your session was one of the standouts of the conference. Thank you for your preparation, empathy and willingness to share your story. The messaging and timing could not have been better… you made a difference to many advisers in the audience.

Thanks again for your support… we value the relationship we have with you.

Nick Hakes FChFP, General Manager,
Member Services, Partnerships and Campus

Good to connect with you today and thanks for a very thought provoking presentation.

Jery Mourelatos, Principal, Specialist Risk Advisor at ‎Examined Life

Thank you for an amazing speech today and more so for your time in the lobby of the hotel before you headed into your interview with Asset Magazine. I would love to follow your amazing journey and perhaps at some stage become a public speaker who is as informative and audience holding as yourself. If you have a newsletter, I would be delighted to subscribe to that. I am sure your interview with the magazine went awesome and, unlike Brian, showed us I will not tell you I love you (hah) but I surely loved being around you three influentially fun people to be with. Yes it is an awesome day today.

Bahadur Kaikobadi, Audience member at MDRT Australia/New Zealand 2018

Mathew Fogarty, MDRT Oceania, Testimonial